Customer Comments

+ Hi Michelle,

Just to let you know that I have received the wand and it’s just perfect.

Thank you very much,

Kind regards



+ Arrived safely. Thankyou very much. Looks lovely. Am impressed by prompt service too. 

Kind regards,



+ Hello Michelle and Bill

The two Raupo sculptures we will treasure them forever.

Kind regards     Trish


 + I wish I had  now bought two of the Fantail Sculptures that I saw  at the show are you able to send these to me one tall stake and one  on the shorter stake?   Sue


+ My friend saw your wands at the Ellerslie flower show  and passed on to me how lovely they are where can I buy some?       Jill


+ I just wondered if you could send me a price list for your beautiful creations. I especially like your bird wands.  Christine


+ Photos of peacock on deck. Still not certain of final position but working on it.

Looks great where ever we put it!

Really pleased with it. It constantly changes colour with different lights during the day. Blues and purple coming out during the day and yellows coming out morning and evening.

Thanks very much.      Greg and Jill


+ It was great to visit your shop.  We'd been meaning to have a look since Ellerslie Show last year and loved all your fabulous creations.      Jo


+ Dear Bill and Michelle

I know this is probably a really random thing to do, but I'm doing it anyway, just because I need to say thank you.

Today my parents and I were in Roxburgh, and were in awe of the sculptures that we saw, both the one at the toilets and the one at the park.  The first one we saw was at the toilets, and we couldn't believe the detail you managed to achieve, especially in the tree, it's fabulous.

 We then spent ages at the park, having fun discovering all the features within your work,( I loved the hawk, mum the plane).

Thank you so much for sharing your obvious gift, so we could enjoy the beauty you created. The world is a better place with such beauty in it.

Please forgive me if this sounds really gushy, I can't show appreciation for your work by buying a piece, but wanted you to know how much joy it gave us.

All my thanks, Danae.


+ Dear Bill

The gates are gorgeous and fantastic and works of art .Thank you do much for your hard work in creating them both

 I  have installed them both and they make the garden even more enchanting that it was already

 Please come and see them one day .     You will be happy where they lie  in one of the oldest gardens in north Canterbury .

 Thank you again .  We are all very happy with them

 You are a true artist

  Kind regards     Rupert